BootsieMWC envisions a world where every child is made to feel like they are special and a valuable part of their community and each family is given the resources to make the most out of their holiday traditions and provide for their family in a time of need.
Our mission is to help Men, Women and Children in need by providing food, clothing and household items to individuals and families.  We want to help bring simplicity, efficiency, and personalization to the charitable giving process, encouraging everyone to experience the incredible power and joy of giving.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which offers a variety of services to local Men, Women & Children needing help in and around Montgomery County, MD. Our organization was founded by Stephanie Engelhard in memory of my Grandmother Louise C. Yeatman also know as, "Bootsie" or "Boots". "For as far back as I can remember my Grandmother helped people less fortunate. From teaching children and adults to read to donating clothes to different charities and organizations. She passed away in January 2007 after a long battle with various medical conditions at the young age of 69 and I could not think of a better why to honor her memory than pursing something she loved." ~ S. Engelhard

Our Federal Identification Number is 26-2889669