VOLUNTEERING                     GIVE A MEAL                  GIVE A GIFT CARD

We are deeply grateful for our volunteers who give of their time to work hand-in-hand with the BootsieMWC. Interested in volunteering during the Holiday Drives? We’re always looking for people who want to have fun, are passionate about our work and love giving back to their community.  Just a few hours can make a difference in someone's life. Spanish speaking volunteers needed. Enrich your life by helping others. 

BootsieMWC provides holiday baskets to over 500 families living in Montgomery County. We need your help collecting food baskets with donations to provide for a family of eight. One $20 grocery gift card can feed a family of 6. A sample food basket includes  5 pounds of potatoes, 1 box of stuffing mix, 2 jars/cans of gravy, 2 cans of cranberry sauce, 3 lbs. of apples or oranges, 3 16 oz. cans of vegetables, 1 package of dinner rolls, 1 64 oz. container of apple juice and 1 dessert (dessert can be 1 pumpkin pie or pie ingredients; or you can include 1 cake mix and can of frosting.)


Every year BootsieMWC distributes hundreds of gift cards to those in need. Gift cards (Target or Walmart) in denominations of $20 for the children served by our programs will help parents purchase gifts for their children to open on Christmas morning. Help us continue this tradition by donating a $20 card to Target or Walmart for a child, or a $20/$25 gift card to a grocery store for individuals or families in need.